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TI NSpire and Computer Link Software Updated

Written on 01/01/2009 by Andrew | 0 comments

By far the most advanced calculator on the market, the TI NSpire once again increases the number of functions available to the student with operating system upgrade version 1.6.4379.

Deep Sleep Mode

With new and more powerful devices comes shorter battery life. Fortunatly, the life of the 4 AAA batteries in your TI NSpire will be better used over long periods of inactivity with the new Deep Sleep mode. After four days of no use, the calculator will automatically switch into “Deep Sleep”. Once turned back on with the “On” key, the calculator will boot up as if you had switched the keypads.

This new mode enables the calculator to sit over long breaks, such as winter or summer breaks, without draining the batteries.

Battery Indicators

In addition to Deep Sleep, you are better warned when your batteries are low with the new battery indicator. With five states, instead of the previous three, you have a greater chance to save your work and change your batteries before unsaved documents are lost.

New Math and Science Functions

In addition to the new power saving features, the TI NSpire is now able to preform a variety of new math and science functions.

First, the TI NSpire can now manipulate quadradic equations in their normal form. Students are enabled to drag and move the graphs to discover how the A, B, and C values are changed in the equation.

In addition, there are now documents that can be used to aid in graphing differentials and sequences.

While graphing on the TI NSpire, you can use the new “Point of Interest” menu to find values like the Minimum and Maximum values, as well as intersection points.

Lastly, you may use the new “approximate fraction” function when using the TI NSpire.

Finance Calculator

In addition to graphing functions, the TI NSpire has a new Finance Menu to aid in the calculation of cash flow, and other finance related variables.

Variable Width Spreadsheets

The last important enhancement will be a big relief to the heavy spreadsheet users– you may now save your spreadsheets with user-defined column widths. Unlike in previous OS versions, you can now drag the columns to be as wide, or narrow, as you like.

In addition to these promanent features available to all users, bug fixes have been made in the software in order to provide a more streamlined experience.

However, it does not end at the calculator OS– the TI NSpire Computer Link Software has been updated to allow for automatic OS upgrades. Now, when you connect your calculator to your computer through the TI NSpire Computer Link Software, you will recieve a notice if there is an operating system upgrade available.

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