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TI-83+ and TI-84+ Calculator FAQ

Written on 11/01/2009 by Andrew | 4 comments
This FAQ covers basic questions asked by TI-83+ and TI-84+ users.

Basic Calculator Operation

Q- My calculator won’t turn on! What do I do?

A- First, open your battery cover and make sure the batteries are in the correct direction. If your calculator still will not turn on, try changing your batteries.

Q- Do you have any TI-84+ games?

A- Yes, all TI-83+ games work on the TI-84+, so you can just download the TI-83+ version and send it to your calculator.

Sending Programs to your Calculator

Q- What program do I use to transfer games to my calculator?

A- You can use the TI Connect program from Texas Instruments, which can be found on their website. If you are transfering to a TI-NSpire, use the TI-NSpire Computer Link Software.

Q- I get the error “Access Denied”. What do I do?

A- This is most commonly caused because the files you wish to be transferred were not extracted from the ZIP file first. You can visit our tutorial for transferring files in the tutorial section.

Running Programs on your Calculator

Related to running programs in Mirage OS

Q- After I run a program, Mirage OS flashes a blank screen. Why?

A- This is a common occurance on the calculators–it simply means that you do not have the required amount of free RAM on your calculator.

How to solve- Delete or archive programs in order to continue.

Q- How do I exit Mirage OS?

A- To exit Mirage OS, press the [MODE] key on your calculator. For more key shortcuts, refer to the Mirage OS manual.

Related to Mario 2.0 by Sam Heald

Q- Mario says “No Levels Found”! What do I do?

A- First, make sure a level set was sent to your calculator. The default levels that come with Mario are called “NAGEL”. If program “NAGEL” (or another level set) is not on your calculator, download a level set from the TI Wizard Downloads Archive.

Q- The whole screen looks slanted and fragmented! What is wrong?

A- On some newer TI-84+ and TI-83+ Silver Edition calculators, Texas Instruments decided to take a shortcut and buy slightly cheaper LCD screens. This slanted effect is the result of a defective driver and is not the fault of the programmer.

How to fix- Download and run ALCDFIX everytime you reset your RAM. This only works on TI-83+ Silver Editions, TI-84+, and TI-84+ Silver Edition calculators.

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