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The Verdante Forest

Developed by Maarten Zwartbol, 13460 downloads

The Verdante Forest is a great RPG. Featuring stunning graphics, good gameplay, and a great story, The Verdante Forest is a must play!

The faith of the world will soon be decided. Two decades ago, a great evil came to Verdante, he goes by the name of Lord Arkaine. Everywhere he came, he spread hate, war and betrayal. Now the deminion of evil grows even stronger. Lord Arkaine invaded the last haven in Verdante, The Verdante Forest. His minions slaughter everyone, only the ones who are strong enough survive. A boy Crono, has always lived peacefully between the oak trees, and cranberry bushes of the Verdante Forest. One night the town elder Rigel gets kidnapped by Lord Arkaine’s henchmen, they demand the immediate fall of the Verdante Forest, everyone who has survived should give up their resistance, or else Rigel will die a painfull death. Now it’s up to you to decide the faith of The Verdante Forest. Arkaine as a powerfull evil, by whom it takes more than pure battle strenght to beat him.


47 people rated The Verdante Forest an average of 2.6/5.0.


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